We follow the two young girls Amelie Hurdelbrink and Fanny Olsson during one week at the race track Täby Galopp, pursuing their dreams to become professional jockeys. It is a tough environment where the one who comes in second in a race is the first looser, but also a world filled with passion, adventure and hard work.

Principal Cast: Fanny Olsson, Amelie Hurdelbrink, Per-Anders Gråberg, Tommy Gustafsson, Marianne Dufva, Tove Gladh-Brandt
Director: Johanna St Michaels
Photographers: Johanna St Michaels, Kenneth Svedlund Ishii
Editor: Johan Lörstedt
Music: Leif Jordansson
Consulting Dramaturg: Karin Blixt
Sound Design Sound Mix: Henrik Ohlin Erik Bjerknes
Color Grading: Hector Mora
Graphic Design: Helena Jansson
Consulting Producer: Jonas Kellagher
Project Manager: Astrid Ohlsén
Produced by: Johanna St Michaels

A co-production with Swedish Televison and Film Väst.